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Investment Management


Sometimes the above term is confused with Asset Management. Our offices do offer a dedicated group of individuals who oversee investments as a team.  They get together each month and exchange information on the market and ideas. They work on different models based on the individual risks.

You may be a client that has a real estate investment, a group of stocks, and some different bonds, like government and corporate mix. Some investors are stock pickers while others follow the old school of diversified investments. All the investments can be qualified or non-qualified. The first has a tax liability on the monies coming out, where the other does not. Your Traditional IRA is qualified and tax deferred is due sometime in the future.

The Investment Manager is suppose to give you ideas on how to plan expenses down the uncharted Tunnel. If you live a long life, the costs may become a great burden to your financial portfolio or the family estate.

We tend to rely on Mutual Fund Managers to guide us on the basic investment markets. Generally, one does not understand the Intuitional Funds from the retail side. Someone suggests that they had a great experience with XYZ for the last 10 years. We jump on that one. Markets change and so do the Managers. The future effects on that model investment can change.

We are taught for years to live within our budgetary  means. Our own government can't do it . They are hurting all of us more than you actually understand. As an Investment Manager, we try to remind you not to overspend. Credit Card Debt is your worst enemy and costs you the consumer.




Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck