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Financial Planning Strategies

Medicare Health planning is becoming more important as a consideration for retired individuals. The group retiree is being kicked on his plan or being required to share in the costs. Now the bad word budget comes into play. Many individuals are not living within their means and their budget is out of control.

Are Individual Medicare Supplemental Plans more cost effective? The costs of medications is spiraling out of control.

A husband and wife received there social security income for years and now one passed. The income drops 50% and the survivor can't afford the Medicare Supplemental Policy. What do you do?  Your rent has increased and now you decide if your health plan goes or you pay the higher rent.

Your Advisor recommends an Annuity for income. The Problem is they need the money now and they have penalties for the first five, seven or ten years . This is a big problem.

Does the Roth Ira work for all individuals. Each client is unique. Most don't understand how they work and the long term benefits.

Planning a vacation is a common place annual event and retirement is secondary or on the back burner for life.  The cost for higher education is out of control. The administrative salaries are out of control and need to be addressed. We did not sign on to make the college staffer wealthy. With that said, where are you going to get the monies to pay college fees for your children.

Social Security was not meant to be a Retirement Plan. Many believe that is the case. Future funds may not be available to support this governmental plan.

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck